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Environment, nature, pollution,... (slogan / picture)

  • Clean up mother
  • Good planets
  • Invasive species
  • Save the planet, kill yourself
  • Explain generations
  • Count your money
  • Animal intelligence
  • Recognise
  • Nature protection
  • Dangerous animal
  • Poisoning food, air, water
  • Brands
  • Seeds burried
  • Non civilisation
  • May the forest
  • Oldest tree
  • Earth killed by people
  • Bounderies 4 life
  • Left behind
  • No planet B

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Quotes on the Internet are not necessarily accurate. Says this gentleman, who can argue this of course.


Below is an often used quote to prove this.

It showed up in 1994 in a pamphlet from a group in Brussels protesting French beekeepers (the 'Union Nationale de l'Apiculture Française). The Belgian writer Maurice Maeterlinck said this in 1901. (But could not confirm this for PowerPix.)