The messages are to APPEARENCE divided into two groups: images and texts.
Combinations also naturally occur frequently.
The images are divided into strong, vivid photos; and funny or sharp-drawn cartoons.
The texts are divided into funny jokes; and catchy slogans, witty puns and quotes.

vuist2Too much time and place consuming items will be avoided.
Too shocking, discriminatory or offensive images as well.
Beautiful, sweet and funny are allowed adjectives, but not really necessary. The main concern is that a short and sharp moment should have much impact. Or is an eye catcher or eye-opener. A call for action.

The themes are by CONTENT divided in

Nature, environment, pollution,
  air, global change, chemtrails,
  green & deforestation,
  water & plastic soup, oil
  Recycling & Waste, C2C
Food, mass production, drinking water, veggie, gardening and bio, additives, sugar
  pesticides and poisons,
Health, medicine, alternative medicine, vaccinations, cancer, Big Pharma

Economy, industry, growth, transportation
  energy, radiation, waste, electricity, oil, renewables
  money, banking, wealth, 1%, inequality, wages
  automation, IT, robots, work rut,
War, revolution, violence, fear, terror, security, ABC wapons & trade, espionage

Democracy, politics, exploitation, slavery, rebellion, equal rights
Communications (both mainstream and social) media, propaganda, lies, demonstration, action
  social, society, behavior
  raising, education
Religion, spirituality, faith, god, positive messages

On the INDEX page is a matrix where you can choose a combination of form and content.
If there is no offer for that choice, the appropriate box is not active.