Intensify your world changing mind-blowing message with short & sharp:
Powerful Pictures, Impact Images, Strong Slogans, Catchy Cartoons, Sharp Songs, Foolish Fun, Cool Clips, Quirky Quotes ..
about climate, environment, war, politics, media, money, job, food, economy..

Communication is getting faster and more volatile. A message must appeal and strike immediately, or it will be pushed aside. A speaking slogan or a powerful picture is immediately liked and widely shared. A longer text drowns after <read more ..>

vuist2A picture says more than 1000 words.

People have little time and attention.
Some of the images sink in, touch, start moving something.
We try to gather here such slogans and images with impact, so they can be found for everyone and can be used to support short and powerful your world-improving messages and events.

Eye-openers & eye-catchers
I often saw passing by really great stuff. But when I needed it, I could not find it anywhere. Hence this compilation website.

They are divided into image (photograph, cartoon) and text (slogan, joke).
And grouped by theme: nature, food, religion, economics, health, war, democracy, communication. . . .

Do you have some beautiful examples of short, powerful messages?  You can deliver them
by mail (mailpix)
or via the FB group ( where anyone can easily post new things. Here you will have more material that’s less selected or grouped.

For the site we select short and powerful items, surprising and funny contributions that (could) inspire us to a better world.