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Money, banking, inequality, wages, wealth, 1%,... (slogan / picture)

  • Money machine
  • Politicians and bankers
  • Small business
  • Money and life
  • Patient custumer
  • Jobs
  • Made and bought
  • Bankrob
  • Poor giving
  • Whose work
  • Same scelet
  • Illegal immigrants
  • Potable water
  • Pharma customers
  • Capitalism is not working
  • Banks to 99
  • Corporations and politics
  • Time and money
  • Patient custumer
  • Money stairs
  • Raise the min wage
  • Climate as a bank
  • Money for war
  • Politics and money
  • Capital and labor
  • Higher fence
  • Money gifts
  • Wall street criminal
  • Prune the top
  • Debt
  • Drive for life
  • Bankers logics
  • Austerity bankers
  • Collecting money
  • Character money
  • Same scelet
  • Robin Hood tax
  • Robin Hood tax 2
  • Greedy or lazy
  • Land divided pct

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